News in Review #2

Some brief items you might have missed over purchase viagra online canada the holidays, Dec 16-31

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News Roundup

  • A bunch of groups have signed on to a letter supporting Rep. Raul Grijalva for Interior Secretary.
  • The UN has released an atlas of carbon-wildlife hotspots, where protection would save biodiversity and carbon sinks. (Atlas PDF)
  • More species downgraded (upgraded? So confusing being a conservation biologist) on the IUCN Red List.
  • In terms of carbon reduction, palm oil plantations do better planted in grasslands than forest. Meanwhile, HSBC is cutting ties with palm oil companies in Indonesia and Malaysia. Also, Sime Darby (big palm oil co.) is devoting some cash to protecting orangutan habitat.
  • Some thoughts on science reporting in the Washington Post.
  • It might seem like I’m sharing this story (thanks, Em) because it’s got a money quote from our fearless leader. No, it’s because I can relate this anecdote: at the Lawrence Berkeley campus up in the hills, they have cops on Segways. They also have aggressive turkeys. I have a source who has seen the turkeys chasing the cops on Segways. Just FYI, they have almost identical land speeds.
  • This story came up

    in my feed reader of conservation news. Not really sure why, but it really is a huge potato. 2008 is the Year of the Potato, apparently, which makes this whole thing smell kind of fishy. Or, potato-y.

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News Roundup

  • WWF and the People’s Bank of China have released a report, Towards Sustainable Development: Reform and (the) Future of China‚Äôs Banking Industry. In it, they suggest that commercial banks in China use their regulatory powers to drive sustainable development.
  • Twelve fish species have gone extinct in a lake near Istanbul due to pollution.
  • Even if you recycle 100% of your waste (my fair city’s goal), a couple of airplane trips a year will completely wipe out any carbon gains you may have made. A new report shakes a finger at all you environuts who think you can make a difference: those most environmentally oriented tend not to recognize the true cost of all their actions. prozac and viagra Tsk tsk. [Note: To you Americans, when they say “rubbish,” they mean “trash.” As in “stereotyping people by saying ‘there is this middle class environmentalism where being green is part of the desired image. But another cialis online part of the desired image is to fly off skiing twice a year’ is complete rubbish.”]
  • Over at ConservationBytes, Corey Bradshaw’s introduced a new feature today: “Spotlights,” in which he focuses on conservation luminaries, starting with Norman “Hotspots” Myers. If you want more from Dr. Myers, there’s an extensive interview with him over at YT.
  • Finally, if you don’t already read “The Big Picture,” (rss) the Boston Globe’s captivating blog of high res photojournalism, you ought to take a look. A few days ago they featured some beautiful pictures of India (scroll down for certified online pharmacy cialis the tiger jumping off a boat in the Sunderbans, the pair of turtles and the astounding tiger dance).
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