News Roundup

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News Roundup

  • A coalition of 29 environmental groups have released a 391-page policy document for the incoming administration, focusing on green jobs and clean energy and highlighting the need for science-based policy and transparency, but covering a wide range of topics. You can read it here (pdf). NRDC, one of the co-signers of the document, has some of their folks blogging about various aspects of the proposals.
  • FWS has decided that the Northern Mexican Garter Snake should be listed as endangered, but it doesn’t have the funds to do so. Plenty and ESA Blawg consider that fact.
  • In honor of Thanksgiving, the NY Times offers a charming editorial on wild foods. “We have a great deal to learn from Twain’s instinctive premise: that losing a wild food means losing part of the landscape of our lives.”
  • The Vigorous North, one of my new favorites, shares some links on inner-city wilderness areas, including a proposal to turn Fresh Kills
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  • An update on what the American Bison Society’s been up to, including a public survey that shows that Americans care about bison but don’t realize that there are only a few thousand “pure” bison left in the wild.

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News Roundup

  • The Wildlife Conservation Network believes that venture capital will protect species by funding “conservation entrepreneurs.” They’re having an expo in San Francisco the first weekend of October.
  • Fish & Wildlife Service: For protecting wolves before they were against it, before they were for it.
  • It appears to be New Species Day: In Fiji, a new iguana has been described. The team of Australian and US scientists must have been bummed to discover that on the same day, Australian scientists announced the description of HUNDREDS of new species along the Great Barrier Reef, including “shrimp-like animals with claws longer than their bodies, along with already known animals like a tongue-eating isopod parasite that eats a fish’s tongue and then resides in its mouth.” “…uh, guys? My iguana? Over here? … anybody?”
  • And just to re-iterate, I’m Tim Bean, and that’s news to me.

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