News Roundup

  • Some seventy years ago Orwell mused, “Somehow it always seems worse to kill a large animal.”  Indeed!  Four south African nations gear up for only the second ivory auction since the worldwide criminalization of the ivory trade in 1989, according to the BBC.  They hope to raise tens of millions for elephant conservation efforts.  NGOs are fretting the sale’s an incentive to poachers, while TRAFFIC attempts to sooth them with line graphs.  Just a week ago, eBay caved to pressure to drive ivory traffickers out of its virtual vendue; 39,000 frantic sellers have nine weeks to unload their wares.  Did someone say stocking stuffers?
  • Searchers are giving up hope of every finding those missing killer whales.  “The population drop is worse than the stock market,” proclaims the Center for Whale Research’s Ken Balcomb, tagging into this bizarre fight eco-doomsayers have picked with the Dow Jones.  But in all seriousness, the remaining number of “southern resident” orcas only just outnumbers the years since Black Friday.
  • Bright side: The youth of Rotterdam have got Looten Plunder on the run with their (Dance! Dance!) Revolution! Read about here, or better yet head right to Club Watt’s almost erotic promotional video.  (But big party foul with this head-scratching headline.  What was it Aldo Leopold said about growing accustomed to thinking breakfast comes from the market and heat from the furnace?  Apparently, CNN is hoping electricity comes from Eurotrash.)

Posted by Brian on October 29th, 2008 • • 4 comments