News Roundup

  • Ecuador has voted on a new constitution. Nature got a right: “the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions and its processes in evolution.” Yes. Yes. Yes. Should we start aiming for a 28th amendment?
  • Cod are crashing because the baby cod are being killed from by-catch. This article has a funny pun in its headline.
  • Another frog has been found back from the dead (i.e. “The Lazarus Effect”, “The Romeo Effect”). It had originally been thought wiped out by the chytid fungus, which looks to be killing off most amphibian species on this planet. I had the “pleasure” of hearing David Wake talk about this today, and the whole thing really is chilling.
  • Look at this Andean mountain cat. Have a look at this beautiful motherfucking “snow leopard of the Andes” cat. He was last seen by Mauro Lucherini and colleagues being awesome in the huge ass high elevation mountains of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, which is where he is right now being awesome as usual. He is about the most beautiful god damn cat in the whole world and chews on endangered prey all the time. Responds to “Xerxes”.[1]
  • Immediately after Grey Wolves were de-listed, the Disciples of Palin from Montana and Idaho “went on a shooting spree,” according to the LA Times. Initially this struck me as pretty interesting: whatever punative measures that were leveled under the ESA against hunting the wolves worked, despite what would seem like almost unplaceable odds against catching a poacher. Hunters were very well behaved in waiting to brutalize the wolves (population down 20% since being removed from the list).

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