News Roundup

  • Today marks the release of the first “U.S. State of the Birds” report. A lot of agencies and NGOs involved in putting it together — check out the website, or the full report (PDF… wait, I can’t find the PDF. Little help, please?). Also, full articles from the Washington Post, AP, and NY Times. Wetland birds are doing well. Hawaiian birds, notsomuch.
  • What happens to zoos when their budgets are cut? GORILLAS ARE NOT GETTING THEIR BLUEBERRIES. As John Calvelli points out, they’re “living museums,” so it’s much harder (if not pointless) to cut admission times. The Bronx Zoo is usually open like 364 days of the year (when it’s snowing being the best time to go). Some zoos, on the other hand,  just disappear altogether.
  • May I present the new tiniest frog.
  • Did cockroaches survive the nuclear disaster? Not really.
  • American carnivores may have evolved to avoid each other, in time if not in space.
  • A friend recently alerted me to the fact that it is illegal in Colorado to trap rainwater, because that water has other legal destinations. It’s true.

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