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Tim Bean is a graduate student at the University of California – Berkeley, working in Justin Brashares’ group and studying landscape-level (and higher) wildlife conservation. Please e-mail me (Tim Bean): bean at berkeley.edu

Brian Hamilton is a Ph.D. candidate in History and a graduate affiliate of the Center for Culture, History, and Environment at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He is also the author of the online exhibit and digital archive “Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day: The Making of the Modern Environmental Movement,” sponsored by the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Alice  Currently is a PhD student at UC Berkeley in the Peluso Lab.  Mainly, her research focuses on the effects, both ecological and socio-economic, of human displacement from national parks in Cameroon.  She is interested in finding conservation solutions that preserve biodiversity and ecosystems but at the same time leave space for social justice, human well-being and security.

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  1. Deane said, on January 26th, 2009 at 7:44 pm


    I like the blog work you do… I listed your blog on my source tab / Blogroll

    If you ever need a great source of tree news or have tree questions feel free to look at my blog or ask me directly…

    I’m also all about guest interviews

    So if you have some photos and some explanations aboutyour relationship with trees / activism I’d love to learn more!

    Be well, Deane

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