In case you aren’t willing to spend 12 hours this week watching pretty HD of National Parks in the United

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States while some John Muir impersonator tells you what a religious nut he really was, maybe you’ll take a minute to read over the NY Times’ collection of statements on parks today. The first episode last night was surprisingly even-handed (“Yosemite isn’t the name of the folks living there that were kicked out, it actually means ‘they kill people!'” — the soilent green of the early conservation movement), although spending thirty minutes on John Muir and not mentioning his violent racism was kind of a bummer. If somebody sends Brian a television, he promises to live blog the next four episodes. Anyway, back to the Times. Since I read the Time’s interview of Mark Yudof last Friday, I can safely say this is the stupidest thing I’ve seen all week:

Natural resources are meant to be used; in fact, every generation has left future generations with more resources than existed when that generation arrived on the planet.

Did you know that we’d all become alchemists?

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Astoundingly Sympathetic Dead Fish

Craig Bennett and colleagues at UCSB have found something truly extraordinary: preis cialis a dead fish does viagra make you bigger than normal that sildenafil online can read our minds. Bennett conducted an fMRI on the length of a sildenafil online dead salmon, while showing it pictures of different human emotions. It turns out that there pharmacy university ranking canada are some very active parts of the dead fish when it sees certain types of emotions. Quite incredible. Here is the poster presenting is 100mg of viagra too much

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their work.

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Friday Insanity 2.4

baby boom.

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Odds & Ends

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Friday Insanity 2.3

Maybe NSFW (in the parlance of our times)?

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Friday Insanity 2.2a

NY Times doesn’t seem to want to embed videos, but check out this great video on the new open season on wolves (thanks Piper, and as she points out, very relevant if you were in attendance

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last night / have seen Milking the Rhino).

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Friday Insanity 2.2

Go bears.

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The Origins of the Origins of Species

Watch as Darwin’s work evolves through multiple edits. Someday we’ll be able to do this with the human genome.

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Friday Insanity 2.1

Kind of gross, but then they cuddle.

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