Is this like hearing your song on the radio?

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Friday Insanity 1.43

Nature lost a best friend yesterday.

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Friday Insanity 1.42

Dear Conservation International: You want to get celebrity faces out on the YouTube championing your efforts? I’m fine with that. But how about next time we avoid aspiring actors trying to get famous by appealing to the big-footprint worlds of airshows and golf? And would it be too constricting to ask that you limit yourselves at least to those folks famous enough to have their own imdb headshots?

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Friday Insanity 1.41

River Otters of the Lamar from Pat Honstain

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on Vimeo.

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Deep Non-Thesis Thought

Funny how, when Biodome-2 failed its closed-system purpose, people learned the lesson “humans can’t manage a tiny biodome because it’s too complicated,” but not the lesson “humans can’t manage a giant biodome because it’s too complicated.”

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Friday Insanity 1.40

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