The Google Street View

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van ran over a deer. Oh, Friday.

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How Green is My Hatred

Having already destroyed marriage, gays

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look to destroy the forests.

Says the boy scouts: “There’s no question” that the Scouts’ anti-gay, anti-atheist stance has cost the organization money, he said. As a result, he said, “every council has looked at ways to generate funds … and logging is one of them.”

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Friday Insanity 1.22

Whoops, I think I wasted my good videos for the

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week on Wednesday. Oh well, here’s a video of Japanese cats being humiliated:

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Peace Not Apartheid?

The Independent covers the latest volley in the spat between conservationists and humanists over just how racist the war on invasives/non-natives/exotics/illegals/three-fifths is. The defensive cry of “Don’t call me Goebbels” hits just the right hysterical note, if you ask me. I do wonder what the ecological equivalent of the Obama election would be…

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Secondary Rainforest

More on the re-growing tropical rainforest from the NY Times. I think I have to side with Bill Laurance on this one — nice that it’s growing back, but really not in the same league as old-growth.

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Visualizing Knowledge

Some very cool diagrams of how often different scientific journals reference each other.

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News Roundup

  • Conservation Biologist is one of the ten best green jobs.
  • Watch what happens to Britain’s electric and water grid after East Enders (award-winning evening soap opera) ends. 1 million tea kettles go on within 5 minutes, that’s what happens. Seems a little strange (or perhaps an exaggeration) that such an important operation isn’t carried out by computers
  • William Laurance weighs in on the claim that extinction in tropical rainforests isn’t going to be as bad as predicted.
  • Despite the conflict, Virunga’s gorilla population appears to be doing okay.
  • CI is offering free software for mapping hotspots, or something.
  • Here’s a nice article on Santiago Espinosa, a grad student at UF-Gainesville and WCS Research Fellow, and his camera traps in Yasuni NP.
  • Salazar’s saying he’ll review midnight regulations from the Bush administration’s Interior Department.

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Requiem for Nature

A couple of videos that speak for themselves:

OSM 2008: A Year of Edits from ItoWorld on Vimeo.

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News Roundup

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So it goes

With the economy down, poaching appears to be on the rise.

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